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At Blitz Garage Door Repair we specialise in the installation, maintenance and restoration of garage door in Corvallis, Or. You will get legitimate and good quality materials from us that have a guarantee added to them.

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We work to please and help our clients with all their garage door requirements. Our technicians are qualified and accredited to do garage door repair, enough garage doors are fixed to consider all the potential problems your garage door may have. If it is the moving component, such as the opener, springs, tube shaft, drums, rollers, retainer, bottom seal, safety sensor, cable track, etc. we can replace or repair them.

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Improper garage doors are more widespread than you thought. If you have rusted garage door openers that don’t allow your garage door to open easily, it needs to be serviced. It is time to get it needed if your wooden garage door shows signs of cracks or breakage on the seams or the surface. Other problems you may have with your garage door when the controls are disabled. You could find a pause in the opening of the door and closure of the door when your garage door sensors are not functioning. That can also cause problems when the door shuts too quickly. You might find high energy bills if the garage door seal is not correct. We will repair it for you, no matter the issue.


We will assist if you require expert help with the construction of the garage door. To successfully mount the garage door, our team brought all the requisite instruments and garage door components. In a very basic mechanical way, garage door openers work. They all have a chain pulling motor to operate the garage door. On the market, there are different types of garage door openers available, including chain drive, belt drive, screw drive, and direct drive. Each type of opener for garage doors has its own speciality and versatility. Some are renowned for low noise output, while others are cheap chain openers. Our openers for garage doors will help you find the correct door for you.


You should contact maintenance professionals if the garage doors don’t work the way they should. Openers are the one that closes and opens the garage door, so you can face challenges opening and closing the garage door if they don’t work properly. The problem could be with the power supply powered by the garage door, or it could be the garage door’s defective engine. Mechanical concerns can involve cord, belt, engine, etc. blockage. The technicians of ours in Corvallis, OR can fix them easily.


If you want to save yourself from unnecessary upgrades and improve the durability of your garage doors, the safest thing is to get routine maintenance completed. Oiling with lubricant based on silicon will help smooth the door opening and closure. We can see if tightening is appropriate for some of the hardware and if the door balance is right. Imbalance doors place more weight on the door to make it faster for the engine and chain to wear off.


Springs are the coils on the garage door that tend to lower the heavy door and move it away. If you detect problems such as talking springs, loose wires, or bent cables, faulty torsion springs, or some other garage door spring problem, send us a call. To get them working again, we patch garage door springs.

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