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For all of Albany, Oregon we provide reliable garage door service. At Blitz Garage Door Repair we will assist you, if you need in new installation or replacement of a faulty garage door or repair of defective garage doors.

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Our company has more than 20 years of experience in the garage door service, and we have evolved in modern times to build garage doors that are more reliable, robust and energy efficient.

The technology of garage doors has evolved dramatically over time, and with it, we have changed. Our staff is familiar with all sorts of modern garage doors and how they can be built and fixed. We focus on fixing and repairing garage doors for residential properties that last a lifetime with careful maintenance.

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For the residents of Albany, Or, we provide quality garage door repair services. If one of the components stops working or breaks down, the garage door will stop working. Garage doors have different parts. We will repair and replace the components to make your garage door work properly. We deal with all sorts of garage door parts. We may fix or replace them, whether it is the opening, the spring or wires, the door itself, track, rollers, etc. There is no dilemma we haven’t fixed. We will assist when you need quality support.


Garage doors are one of the most important aspects of having a garage. Very rarely will you see people without any garage doors. Not having a garage door is neither safe nor energy efficient. We have installed all kinds of garage doors for the people of Albany. Some common types of doors we install include sectional garage doors, over canopy, tilt up garage doors, roll up garage doors, slide to the side garage doors, etc. All these types of garage doors have their own mechanism and you need someone who has experience with garage doors to do it right for you. We have the experience and knowledge to install lost lasting garage doors for your property.


Garage door opener is just as important as a garage door itself. The opener is what helps the garage door open and close by pulling through a series of trolleys. If your opener is not working right, you won’t have a proper functioning garage door. We install all kinds of garage door openers but the most common ones are chain drive openers, belt drive opener, screw drive opener and jack drive opener. These garage door openers have their own specialities, while some are cheap others make less noise. When you choose a garage door from us you get better product and better service.


Do you see issues with the opener of your garage door? We can help you fix it. Openers of the garage door may rust, become old and not function properly. The electric wiring in the opera can also malfunction. Whatever the issue might be if you need quality repair for your opener let us know, we will fix the issue. If your garage door needs lubrication, replacement or any other type of fixing, we can do it as well.


Garage door maintenance may include a lot of things, from cleaning the mechanical parts that might rust to lubricating. Proper maintenance can save a lot of work for your garage door, it saves you money on future repairs and helps to make your garage doors last a long time. Our team is highly effective in keeping your garage door maintained with proper maintenance processes. When you need quality maintenance give us a call.


Your springs do a very important job of holding the whole garage door together when it goes up or comes down. It saves the garage door from collapsing with force. The spring is a coiled metal that slowly opens or closes the garage doors. Oftentimes the springs break, become loose and make a lot of noise, if you want to fix such faulty and damaged springs for garage doors let us know and we will fix it for you.

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Our team aims to regularly deliver service and to please consumers. In Albany, Or we are one of the most recommended garage door repair companies. If you need a trustworthy company that deals with qualified and skilled technicians who know all about garage doors, we are the company for you.


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